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Why makes it simple to build and use artificial intelligence. Solving multiple challenges involving algorithms, infrastructure, building solutions, consulting multiple experts - not necessary anymore.

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Diabetic Retinopathy can understands the visual reports and predict the severiarity of the situation
  • Report

    Arya predicts 67.68% chances of Moderate Diabetic Retinopathy.

    • DR Levels


    • No DR Report


    • Mild


    • Moderate


    • Severe


    • Proliferative


  • Report

    Arya predicts 77.81% chances of Severe Diabetic Retinopathy.

    • DR Levels


    • No DR Report


    • Mild


    • Moderate


    • Severe


    • Proliferative


  • Report

    No symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy predicted.

    • DR Levels


    • No DR Report


    • Mild


    • Moderate


    • Severe


    • Proliferative


Using the radiologist module, arya can predict the severity of the of the situation with confidence score. It can predict the report with latencies as low as 15ms on a single GPU machine. This module is currently on beta phase in the platform.

Priliminary test can be automated and remote care can become be addressed without the need of huge resources.

Research Assistant has been trained to assist researcher by reading the public information of 38 million research papers.

Hi John, Good Morning.

What can I help you?

Hi Arya.

Which metal has higher ablation depth for the same fluence? "Si" or "Ni"

I think 'Si'

Can you predict the Yn value while Xn being 60?

Sure! For Xn = 60, is 2.3

We would like to test Colon cancer which test would work better? 'Sigmoidoscopy' or 'Colonoscopy'.

I think 'Colonoscopy' is better.

What are the papers that would be more prominent in Artificial intelligence and Medicine.

Research Papers

0.87 sec


Editorial: modeling decisions for artificial intelligence†

Vicenç Torra; Yasuo Narukawa;Toho Gakuen
Journal: International Journal of Intelligent Systems

Learning like a baby: a survey of artificial intelligence approaches

Guerin, Frank
Journal: The Knowledge Engineering Review

Determination of clinically relevant content for a musculoskeletal anatomy curriculum for physical medicine and rehabilitation residents

Lisk, Kristina; Flannery, John F.; Loh, Eldon Y.; Richardson, Denyse; Agur, Anne M.R.; Woods, Nicole N.
Journal: Anatomical Sciences Education

Artificial intelligence, biology, and intentional states


Expert systems: the practical face of artificial intelligence


Emotional intelligence in medical students: does it correlate with selection measures?

Sandra E Carr

Advances in wearable technology and applications in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Paolo Bonato

Omics-based medicine and systems pathology : a new perspective for personalized and predictive medicine

Tanaka, H.

Bridging cross-cultural gaps: monitoring herbal use during chemotherapy in patients referred to integrative medicine consultation in israel

Almog, Limor; Lev, Efraim; Schiff, Elad; Linn, Shai; Ben-Arye, Eran Journal: Supportive Care in Cancer

The cortexionist architecture: behavioural intelligence of artificial creatures

David Panzoli; Sara de Freitas; Yves Duthen; Hervé Luga

find me papers on about how neural learning can be propagated between networks

Here are the few good reads for your research.

Research Papers

0.43 sec

Learning by fuzzified neural networks

Hisao Ishibuchi; Kouichi Morioka; I.B. Turksen

Learning from hints in neural networks

Yaser S Abu-Mostafa

Structure-based neural network learning

Peterfreund, N.; Guez, A.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Fundamental Theory and Applications

Adaptive learning of rational expectations using neural networks

Maik Heinemann

Creating artificial neural networks that generalize

Jocelyn Sietsma; Robert J.F. Dow

Neural networks in finance || what are neural networks?

McNelis, Paul D.

Wavelet neural networks for function learning

Jun Zhang; Walter, G.G.; Miao, Y.; Wan Ngai Wayne Lee

Adaptive competitive learning neural networks

Abas, Ahmed R.
Journal: Egyptian Informatics Journal

Controlling chaos by ga-based reinforcement learning neural network

Chin-Teng Lin, ; Chong-Ping Jou,
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks

Imitation learning with spiking neural networks and real-world devices

Harald Burgsteiner

Customer Care Automation

Arya can develop continuous conversations with users and resolve the tickets.
  • Telecom

    Hi John, How can I help you today?

    Hey Arya, whats my current balance?

    You have both savings and current account. Which one you would like to know?

    savings account

    You have $ 500

    Can you transfer $300 to my wife?

    Sure! Just to make sure, I am sending the otp to your mobile. Can you please type it here?


    Thanks for confirming.

    I have transfered the money.

    Can you also pay my phone bill?

    You have $10 bill.

    Done! I paid the bill.

    If I have to take another credit, what would be interest on it?

    You have a Classic Credit card, you can upgrade to Supreme and the interest rates are still the same.

  • Don't just build any bot!
    Your customers deserve better.

    Build an intutive & multi-functional
    'Digital Robot' that can
    truly understand your customers! with training can automate the customer tickets and queries by developing an elaborate conversations in understanding the customer issues to take relevant end action.

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