Startup Launches Open Source AI Tool Braid

September 14, 2016
Startup Launches Open Source AI Tool Braid
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On Monday, Sept. 12, artificial Intelligence startup announced the global launch of its open source AI tool called Braid. Launches Braid

Braid is designed as an open source tool for developing artificial intelligence (AI) systems. According to Vinay Kumar Sankarapu, CEO and founder of, by introducing open sourcing key tools in AI, the emerging field will grow faster and developers will be able to easily design more impactful applications.

According to TechNewsWorld, the open source tool Braid will be available for free to developers and companies working to design neural networks. The tool has been created by two Indian Institute of Technology Bombay alumni, Deekshith Marla and Vinay Kumar Sankararapu.

Braid is customizable and flexible, consisting in a modular meta-framework. Having the advantage of being modular, customizable and flexible,'s free and open source tool Braid will help companies developing neural networks. purposely designed Braid for rapid and easy development of neural networks required by various artificial intelligence complex applications. The simple and scalable tool works with operating systems for deep learning and can help handle many data points at large volume.

According to the website, more and more startups and technology companies involved in developing products that use artificial intelligence are building neural networks. These neural networks are complex and based on deep learning algorithms.

With Braid is no need to worry about code. This allows for quick experimentation, users being able to build complex architectures just by drag-and-drop. According to, developers can use Braid to add to existing neural layers or to customize them.

Braid works in conjunction with end-to-end platform called Vega. This allows users to build and deploy deep learning algorithms at scale and greatly simplifies artificial intelligence processes.

Vega can work with hybrid, structured and unstructured datasets and is interoperable with multiple data platforms such as MongoDB, SQL and NoSQL databases.'s end-to-end platform integrates with the MapReduce, Hadoop and Redshift HPC clusters and it is compatible with Box, S3 and drive storage systems.

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