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Industry Specific

Choose from a list of APIs built on industry data and offering pre-trained models as plug-and-use solutions.

Built using complex Deep Learning algorithms, Arya APIs are trained on vast industry-specific data sets that are tested and robust. Users can simply plug and use these solutions in their applications to design AI-ready apps within a few days.

Annual API Volume of:

102 Million

Expert AI Modules - automate/augment core

Preconfigured AI solutions that use proprietary Deep Learning architectures, and built with ML Observability layers to ensure the predictions are explainable and auditable.

There are several expert intervention points required during the decisioning in core processes like Underwriting, Claims Processing, Fraud Monitoring, Audit etc. offers proprietary and task-specific Deep Learning solutions that are preconfigured and allow enterprises to quickly customize by providing training data. Such Expert AI modules are deployable to automate or augment these processes.

Annual Expert Decisions:



Decision Modules



Autonomous Underwriting Module (AUM)

Complex DL system to underwriting incoming application in real time. claime



Automated Claims Processing (ACP)

Automate claims processing from extraction to adjudication, with high accuracy and automation rates



Fraud Risk Monitoring (FRM)

Supervised & Unsupervised learning system to track fraud and suspicious transactions with high prediction and recall.

ML Observability platform for mission-critical AI solutions

For enterprises looking for a comprehensive ML Observability tool to explain or monitor the models & prediction, manage AI usage risk and provide simple and easy to understand evidence to all stakeholders.

AI Explainability

AryaXAI provides detailed explanations on 'Why' & 'How' your model worked on that prediction, along with references as explanations for a comparative study.

Policy Controls

For mission-critical functions, ensuring that the AI solution follows the guidelines as required by business/ compliance is of utmost importance. AryaXAI offers a simple, easy-to-use GUI interface for any AI solution to administer policy controls on data and model outcomes in real-time.

ML Monitoring

Ensuring consistency of AI solutions is essential for all stakeholders. Issues like data drift, model drift etc., can adversely impact model performance. AryaXAI proactively monitors your AI solution for various slippages and provides alerts.


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What customers say about

Teams and organizations of all sizes are getting more out of their AI investments with Arya

Sagar Singhal

With Arya’s Face Verification and Passive Face Liveness Detection APIs, we’ve improved the security on our FinTech platform for user verification during transactions. Our vulnerability to fraud due to identification errors has already reduced by 98% within just six weeks of integrating these APIs. This new process has helped us provide an amazing user experience. Incorporating these APIs has been extremely cost effective and helped us solidify our standing among users. Kudos to Arya APIs team for ground breaking technology that is making a real good impact on our business.

Sagar Singhal
Co-Founder & CEO
Girish Nayak

Understanding medical diagnosis is a significantly complex activity for which we have deployed's AI technology leading to reduced cashless claim request approval time from the earlier average of 60 minutes to under a minute now.

Girish Nayak
Chief Service, Operations and Technology
Rajani Kumar NEV

Using Arya APIs we have automated the process of data extraction from KYC as well as transaction document along with traslantion of certain ID proof (s) originally provided in foreign language, which has greatly eased the operational workload on our team and also saved us on processing time which in turn enhance our overall customer experience.

Rajani Kumar NEV
Vice President, Information Technology,

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Forbes Asia: 30 Under 30

Forbes Asia: 30 Under 30

Mumbai startup on French innovation agency’s International Innovators list

Mumbai startup on French innovation agency’s International Innovators list

Top 61 Al companies globally

Top 61 Al companies globally

AI game changer award

AI game changer award

Top AI startup in India

Top AI startup in India

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